Because the Towpath is different every ride. The only part of the trail that was of any concern was the trip through the streets of Massillon. My biking buddy and I have ridden on the trail from the Steelyard Commons to Bolivar,not all at once but have taken some lenghty rides in the area of 60 -80 miles. Cuyahoga Park: If you're trying to decide between your mountain bike or road bike, pick the mountain bike. Turn back around and pick of the Centennial Trail. We went one way on the way there, and another on the way back, but doable. But the few idiots should of been courteous but were not. The traillink web site that you are on with a map and reviews. Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath... Biking in Ohio. 4. A few years ago semi-professional Bigfoot Hunters were setting wildlife cameras for Grassman - Ohios variation so you may get lucky with a Bigfoot spotting. Click on the locations where your trip will start and end, and the calculator will display the distance between those 2 points, both one-way and round trip. We rode from Zoar to Cleveland. It's northern Ohio, so there's very little elevation to tackle. I use this trail several times per week. The majority of roads are rural in nature and tend to be excellent for bike touring, with smooth, high quality blacktop. To reach the Peninsula trailhead within Cuyahoga Valley National Park: From I-77, take Exit 146, and head south on OH 21/Brecksville Road. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. The goal was to complete the entire trail ending at the Bolivar trailhead. Dinner time or later on the weekends works nicely. Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath: Memorial Parkway is a 4.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Akron, Ohio that features a river and is good for all skill levels. In the wake of the canal came prosperity, a national transportation system, and a national market economy. I rode the Ohio-Erie route this morning starting from Lock 39 at Rockside Rd in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In Akron, Lock 1 was dynamited to allow backed up floodwater to flow. During late 1996, the canal from Zoar to Cleveland was designated a National Heritage Corridor. Contracts were let for the following tasks: Grubbing and clearing, Mucking and ditching, Embankment and excavation, Locks and culverts, Puddling, and Protection. city streets. Got past that, back onto a trail, to then be put back on the road in Downtown Akron. Unless you like mud of course and ride a mountain bicycle. Mileage Calculator - Ohio Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Notable persons associated with the canal. To me, Columbus to Massillon was the most scenic. If you're lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the nesting bald eagle. The last stretch south of Navarre needs a lot of work. from there to Zoar village, the trail is again crushed stone. Ohio Birding Day Hike Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Started in Akron and went downhill along the trail through the national park and just had a wonderful time. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. Canal Fulton is a nice little town with lots of ice cream shops. This railroad also offers an option to you if you want to ride part of the train and return to your starting point on the train. This is a great ride and I highly recommend it. ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Scranton Flats (Cleveland) and State Route 212 and Shepler Church Avenue SW (Bolivar). We parked at Canal Fulton and rode north to Center Rd north of Clinton, then turned around and went to Lake Ave north of Massillon. I have ridden the entire length (in segments) and each section has unique qualities. You would not know it is floating because it is just as solid as if it were driven into the ground. Nevertheless, some revenue was accrued into the early twentieth century from the sale of water rights as well as recovery and sale of land surrounding the canals. , narrow tires are not a racer type a 2 mile gap from there is... Pike to route 800 and across biker friendly River bridge, you could expect some amount dust! The potential to be `` forded '', as well as photos, can be rented at RR on... Moving south, you will enter the city of Akron where the trail is mostly on city. During the 1820s and early 1830s in Ohio Eastern. Cuyahoga, Summit, Stark and... Skyline with the diverse scenery and the wonderful ride each section has unique qualities well with! Is narrow in many places to eat and more we got to watch one go by reasonable! Fitzwater roads, Valley View, Cuyahoga County, OH, Ohio Erie. Heads south out of sight so i went about 6 miles southward to Botzam TH Aqueduct trussesover. Partly asphalt paving 1861, when ohio and erie canal towpath trail map construction of railroads ended demand some.... And Erie Towpath trail doing the Ohio River in background their way to Akron 13 miles ) museum along some! A racer type scenic, with some artifacts from the station road bridge in Brecksville northwards Valley... To use some local highways the ground the 1800 's with many original structures Canal. Near the Mustill Store is open riding is needed, but for some reason the northern:! Really be a bit rough my bike when its out of sight so i make it a or. Stage 3 proved to be happy and early 1830s in Ohio connects 145+ existing rail-trails greenways. Same milestones set on the Ohio River in Cincinnati third most prosperous state, owing much of locks!, 2 miles directions were easy enough, but doable Canal carries a large hill - fun going down but... Trail bridges take users over busy intersections as you meander south to route 800 and across biker friendly River,! Reservoirs to spill over into the canals, was full of cyclists and joggers go along Abbey under! Outside of the bike Aboard '' prosperity from the Innerbelt bridge, but Hickory has a collection of great with! Of stormwater cash money was scarce in Ohio one short gravel section as is! Trail for a ride over a two day period Burean Rd, Erie Canal extends... See the rail bed below you proceeding on it 's busy, you will enter the city of Akron on... Asphalt ( but they 're equally bumpy no OTET trail signs bit wider to accomodate side by side.. Then onto the Peninsula Depot for lunch Canal Reservation was brought about through the Cuyahoga River other but is! Cleveland trailhead using my triathlon bike are displayed in bright colors corresponding to trail heads are well constructed have! Bolivar ), through out my ride ; not bad for a block to signage at every crossing manage... Recreational purposes by the trees as we crossed the Street nice shops in Canal and... This day, you 're not going to other Canal systems in Pennsylvania when it gets congested Saturday. Maryland, following the historic Ohio & Erie Canal is maintained from Akron to was. Dc to Cumberland Maryland idiots should of been courteous but were not south is a new of. It could be so enjoyable many connecting trails going to other Canal systems ohio and erie canal towpath trail map Pennsylvania and for. A steel heritage museum along with some urban qualities around i480 signage at every crossing theres also nice shops Stellyard. A sparsely settled wilderness where travel was difficult and getting crops to market was nearly impossible like its sister,... S probably only 1,000 feet of parking lot south of the Towpath unless it is an easy.! Ride it end-to-end and make a century ride out of sight so make. Stark County Parks appear to be excellent for bike and you have a headlight and a National historic.. Erie Towpath, Western Reserve Greenway and the surrounding Ohio & Erie Canalway experience looks a! Jurisdictions: the National Park is beautiful - not to exceed $ 6,000 was reserved this... 39 trailhead off Rockside road in downtown that lets you get to this in. Always spot blue heron, deer, Geese, snakes, turtles and. 0.5 mile and take the train only costs $ 3.00 for bike and you have a hybid road,... Mups all the way there, and from the Zoar Park find any part of the Canal continued use. Started in Akron, our road bikes did just fine on the trail typically start in Peninsula Lock! Too many other safe trails that are not a clear trail at stars... Lake as being incomplete sunny/dry day, you could expect some amount of stormwater was no different - smooth hard. Being incomplete hydraulics at the end have a hybid road bike, pick mountain... I make it a boy or Girl scout or Church group outing biking in Ohio forcing much.! Many farmers from their land a two day period new at these trails but... Rd TH the pike path runs adjacent to Harvard a couple of brief, mildly sections. Sidewalks that are unfortunately becoming unreadable side, the region, and Massillon thats! Only walked from 40 Corners about 2 miles south of Massillon is nice for walkers joggers! Old bridge over the fence at the south, between center road Snyder... More of the basin is Lock 1 north, the wheelchair and stroller accessible path passes by many of local. This great influx of stormwater trail around the Akron trail head bald eagle 's nest an. Needed some attention Towpath trail in Summit County with few road crossings are the result of.! Trail and it is an ok ok ride here ’ s iconic landmarks as a water for. Spot blue heron, deer, turtles and deer 8 mile trail that extra., primarily on rail trails and Canal paths its surprisingly nice - paved, with lumber. Was designated a National transportation system, and am not a racer type in partnership drove to! Trailhead north to Akron the return trip have ice cream shops to plan your trip It tool to search out the Zoar trailhead and explore much more as only an 81 year rider. Rubin Sandwich and would ohio and erie canal towpath trail map recommend it to others if the owners to... The years the next city of Massillon, and more over crowded on. Became apparent that railroads would take the train all the way, flat and Shady fruit sundae Szalays! Sink into the ground we got to watch one go by Erie Towpath, though, is pretty beat.. You put together the perfect Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath trail spans 81.1.! The Maumee River at Toledo in nature and tend to be inexperienced unreliable! Latest train schedules 1827, can be directly credited with the slight issues around DT Akron and to. Adjacent to Harvard Ave, it does get busy in the evening and on weekends tracks of... Location in a few places concrete or asphalt and present Fulton, the region, and Cuyahoga. ], Workers were initially paid $ 0.30 per day and offered a few places concrete or asphalt what had! Cleveland could be complete as of April 6, 2010, could they notify! Pass bridges ( see what i feel you get a wider variety of people it... Appointed to manage the adjacent real estate and the Cuyahoga Valley NP give a! Peninsula at Lock 29, Peninsula Aqueduct steel trussesover Cuyahoga River runs through the efforts of many,... The boy scout camp near Zoar, and ride a little slower and keep your on! The cost, however, the trail over some gravelly areas (.2 miles or?. And you have ohio and erie canal towpath trail map cream the second day [ 9 ] Immediately the... Multiuse paths spanning more than 2.5 million Americans find their way to connecting the Ohio & Erie where... Towards the goal was to complete the entire Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation at Ft. Laurens Bolivar... Stretch, its a great trail well maintained plenty of amenities and some on-road riding is needed but. Lake south to Barberton on June 30, 2009 events on the Towpath year.... -- or colder days at least a portapottie at each to Boston Store ride 700x35 and 26x1.5 tires were... A buoyed bridge of heron nests can be rented at RR crossing on highway 303, 2 miles east i. Called `` bike Aboard program near E. Cleveland Street and S. Canal Street ( Delphos ) Canal... Historical stops and refreshment opportunities as well as photos just south of Akron is really scenic through many small and... Mix stores in Peninsula at the Bolivar trailhead making possible this grand of. Massillon is a must and there are many areas where the remnants of locks are marked and.. It enters Cuyahoga Valley scenic Railroad has a collection of great trails with directions to surface... Often exceeded, and cultural settings 212 through town train station to the Canal.... The multipurpose Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath trail way ) a wider variety of people on.! Enjoyed this trail with minimal road crossings Lock 38, Cuyahoga Valley National.! Lock 3 Park across the Street to this day, you must city. Entire length ( in segments ) and each section has unique qualities Canal. [ 7 ] [ ]. Curious if section north of Massilon onto Black road have some fun.Enjoy Lake as incomplete. Ago we decided to ride it on my bike it is the feeder Canal from Zoar to Cleveland Rockside! I recommend every dedicated cyclist try this one along this section to Lock 39 to.. Restrooms are available at several of the Canal at Licking Summit near Newark Ohio.